Our company provides a wide range of services from which you will surely choose. Our priority is the customer. A team of experts and specialists discuss with you everything every time and help you find the best way to go.

  • project work
  • manufacture and installation of steel structures
  • supply of technological systems
  • circling sheets and profiles
  • manufacture of machinery
  • CNC sheet metal bending
  • CNC flame cutting
  • metal working


Our continued success is based on the work of certified, talented and motivated people who are experts in their field and we fully support their further development.


We provide guarantee and warranty service for all buildings, including the obligation to supply spare parts for at least 10 years.

We hold certificates
ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 and ČSN EN ISO 3834-2:2006


Production and mounting component is deployed in the workshop area Kamený Pahorek and Teplice - Újezdeček.


The workshops are equipped with machine tools cutting in scope to allow turning diameter 1000 mm, length up to 3500 mm, milling, drilling, boring, grinding round and flat. There are also equipped with NC hydraulic press brake, 175 tons to 4,000 mm width (divided by punch matrix), CNC 300 tons, 3000 mm and bending rollers in thickness 25 mm in width 3 000 mm.

The workshops are equipped besides conventional machines also automatic-weld machine for welding internal and external diameters, annealing equipment for external devices directly to the energy position, etc., CNC flame cutting machine to sheet thickness, CNC plasma flame cutting machine to a thickness of 12 mm, the welding machine powder flux, etc. We have adigital source Megatronic company, spot welders, etc. Welding is performed by MMA welding, MIG MAG, TIG methods etc.

Part of the workshops are overhead traveling cranes with lifting capacity up to 8 tons. We use the mounting repair shop for repairs and maintenance of equipment transport routes power from landfills and coal, to the storage of ash and slag. They are equipped with a normal cellular transport and handling equipment, including loader UNC 060 with accessories, truck-mounted crane AD 160 and AD 20T, DAF truck with a total weight of 26 tons and hydraulic arm and other assembly techniques.


Are you planning to build a larger building or reconstruction, where you need to use a mobile crane? The best solution for you is to hire a crane truck. Crane take well advantage of the roof assembly and construction, transport of heavy loads or for construction and repair of buildings. We’d like to rent you reliable handling cranes with a reach of up to 15 meters and capacity up to 20 tons.

  • rental truck crane AD 16 and 20 tons
  • mobile crane rental
  • lease of containers